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Welcome to the D.O.E. General,

Your assignment is to see that the final ships from earth leave safely before the slaving race, known to us as the Verookuzan and their allied forces, destroy Earth and enslave its inhabitants. By utilizing what’s left of E.D.N (Earths Defense Network) and its orbital galactic stations, you stand as Earth's last line of defense. As the newly appointed D.O.E. (Defender of Earth) ,YOU will, outlast this Alien Armada so that our colony ship The Ark can launch. We will be hunted, but our civilization will live to fight another day. Free from these tyrannical beings bent on subjugating the human race.

Defender of Earth, is an exciting space themed tower defense game created by indie game developer Monkey Wrench Studio Inc. Defender of Earth vs The Alien Armada showcases 3 alien races the Varookuzan, Malkillva, and the Greys that you will do battle with in three quadrants of of our solar system. Each race has up to 5 different ships that you will engage in 16 theaters of war including a final battle royal level..The game features 8 different towers that you can upgrade and super weapons that you can build in the Tech Tree.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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